Monday, April 21, 2008

Love in an elevator

So enquiring minds want to know! Where's the most public spot you have had characters make love-or just _ _ _ _(insert naughty F word)? lol

I find that even in my writing I am worried about hypothetical children and passerby's catching my characters in a steamy position. Crazy I know but it is the truth. I am determined to write at least one scene where two people just go at it and care not a wit who is watching!

Friday, April 11, 2008


I have a WIP that I am really excited about. I am working on a 10,000 word to submit to Harlequins new Nocturne Bites. I have to admit I am hoping they love this one and will ask for the full lengths to the series that follow.

Something that is helping me tremendously with my writing is Romance Divas forums. There are writers in the beginning stages and published writers. It is a great support system of honest people who do not try to hold your hand but give honest input. I have recently discovered the joys of the Divas chat room. The writing challenges they hold help to keep me in line. The whipping is especially good. :)